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I have an affiliation with world leading nutrition researcher and author Lyle McDonald.

As far as im concerned when it comes to understanding how the body responds to dietary protocols Lyle is a guru. All of his work is painstakingly researched and this makes Lyles books a must have for those interested in getting and staying in top shape.  The scientific content is high however Lyles writing style makes technical topics easy to understand

Lyles published work is highly recommend

You can also check out Lyles work in the articles on his website, 

Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports

Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports

Book/DVD Bundle

The product bundle includes all of the following:

Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports book: 80 pages softback
2-DVD set of Simon Fraser University seminar
Book of accompanying Powerpoint slides: 16 page spiral bound

Price: $79.00 + S/H

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About the Book/DVD

Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports examines the topic of nutrition for what are referred to as mixed sports. This includes almost all team sports along with many individual sports such as boxing, mixed martial arts and some track and field events.

Basically any sport that has requirements for both endurance and strength/power is considered a mixed sport. Because of the often odd nature of performance requirements, optimizing nutrition for these sports often presents problems that aren’t seen in either the pure strength/power or pure endurance sports.

The book, as well as the accompanying 2 DVD set, approaches the problem in an applied fashion building up the topic of nutrition from the ground up to present a comprehensive examination of how mixed sports athletes can optimize their nutrition.

This product started life as a seminar I did in Vancouver at Simon Fraser University in 2009 for their football and soccer teams on applied sports nutrition.  But rather than just slap the DVD together with the handouts and slides, I decided to write a complete stand alone book (derived primarily from the handouts).  Of course, the original DVD seminar is included along with the Powerpoint slides and the full package includes everything shown below.

Please note: The DVDs have no regional encoding and should play on any DVD player or computer with DVD capabilities.

Applied Nutrition for Mixed Sports Package

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The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook

The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook

A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting

The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook offers a scientifically based approach to quick weight and fat loss. Recognizing that people need or simply want to lose weight and fat rapidly, I set out to develop the safest, most effective way of accomplishing that goal.

I based the program around the idea of creating a diet that would provide the fewest calories possible while still providing all of the essential nutrients required by the body: protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. This provides simply the safest and sanest way to lose fat quickly without sacrificing health (or muscle mass).

Every aspect about how to set up the diet is laid out in a step by step form and the diet is based around whole foods that can be found at any market. With purchase of the book, you’ll also receive instructions for how to access an online calculator that will set up the diet and provide food recommendations.

As well, the diet also incorporates concepts I’ve discussed on this site: free meals, refeeds and full diet breaks to help with both adherence and the body’s tendency to fight back when dieting. Guidelines are provided for when to take them, how to use them, etc.

In addition, guidelines for moving back to maintenance, as well as for using the program to transition into a more moderate fat loss diet are provided in detail.

Specific training guidelines are also provided in order to provide the best results with the least time investment. Massive amounts of exercise aren’t needed; quite in fact, too much exercise while on the rapid fat loss program can hinder results. Quite in fact, for the extremely overweight, no exercise is actually required to reap the benefits of the program.

The book provides specific recommendations (for everyone from beginners to advanced trainees) for both resistance training and aerobic activity in terms of how often and how much will provide the best results.

As well, realizing that most people can’t or won’t join a gym, I developed a small home-exercise handbook outlining a basic routine that can be followed with no or minimal equipment. This is included with your purchase as a digital download.

Rapid Fat Loss Handbook

The Stubborn Fat Solution

The Stubborn Fat Solution

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The problem of stubborn body fat (typically the abdominals/low back for men and hips and thighs for women) is one that lean dieters have been trying to deal with for decades. Various simple explanations (typically involving estrogen) have been offered but the results from these simple approaches have been, at best, poor. This is a place where simple is simply wrong.

As it turns out, stubborn fat is stubborn for a number of inter-related physiological reasons, all of which conspire to make its elimination difficult (and for some, seemingly impossible). The Stubborn Fat Solution is the first book to scientifically examine the causes of stubborn body fat in extreme detail. From receptor type and number, blood flow, the propensity to both store and release fat, the physiology of stubborn fat is dissected in detail. The role of hormones and diet is also discussed.

Of course, all of the physiological verbiage is useless without solutions and The Stubborn Fat Solution provides those as well. The book describes four specific protocols aimed at optimally mobilizing and burning off stubborn fat.

While the protocols are primarily training based, the impact of diet on stubborn fat loss is also discussed and information on how best to incorporate the four protocols into your current training and diet program are examined. And while none are required, several beneficial supplements are also discussed.

Please note: Like The Ultimate Diet 2.0, The Stubborn Fat Solution is aimed at lean dieters trying to achieve extreme levels of leanness. Until men are 10-12% body fat and females are ~15-17% body fat, the information in this book is not necessary (although it will still be informative).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Defining the Problem
Chapter 2: What is Body Fat
Chapter 3: Types of Body Fat
Chapter 4: Basic Fat Cell Metabolism
Chapter 5: Burning Body Fat
Chapter 6: Hormones and Body Fat
Chapter 7: Why is Stubborn Fat Stubborn
Chapter 8: Diet, Exercise and Supplements
Chapter 9: The Stubborn Fat Protocols: Introduction
Chapter 10: The Protocols
Chapter 11: The End


The following is from Chapter 7: Why is Stubborn Fat Stubborn

So this chapter basically is the first punch line of the book, finally defining, physiologically, what makes stubborn fat so stubborn. And, rather than being any single hormone or factor, it’s essentially a combination of issues including adrenoceptor number (which determines the sensitivity to lipolytic stimuli), blood flow, sensitivity to insulin, what type of fat is stored, and whether the fat cells are small and numerous or large and less numerous. Of those five factors, three are under our immediate control, the last two are not.

Additionally, there is the global fact of how the body adapts to long-term dieting. Reductions in metabolic rate, thyroid, leptin, nervous system output, etc. all make it harder to reduce fat mass in general, this just compounds the problems already associated with stubborn fat.

In any case, having identified what makes stubborn fat stubborn, we can (finally) set about figuring out how to overcome the problem. Clearly finding a way to overcome the issue of a high alpha- to beta-receptor ratio is a first key. Improving blood flow into and out of the cell is the second key. Avoiding issues with high insulin sensitivity (or simply a propensity to store fat in the first place) is the final key.

Customer Feedback

“As a female contest bodybuilder I am always struggling to get that last bit of fluff off the hips and thighs. SFP is the magic bullet to get it moving.

I have used Lyle’s protocol successfully for four bodybuilding shows and would never consider prepping for a contest without it.”

Pattie Farley – CSCS, USAW-CC, CPT

“By using the protocols for stubborn fat loss outlined in this book, I was able for the first time ever to go into a competition with split hamstrings and striated glutes to win my pro card!”

Tommy Jeffers, IFPA Pro Bodybuilder, Mr. Natural Indiana

“This book is NOT for people who only want to get rid of a little flab around their waist, this is a book for individuals who are already lean but struggling to get that last bit of stubborn body fat off to reach the pinnacle of conditioning for a competition, photoshoot and let’s be honest here – pure vanity. True to its name, The Stubborn Fat Solution is the product of Lyle McDonald’s years and years of research into why stubborn fat cells are so stubborn, and how to once and for all get rid of it.

The book first delves into the physiology, where mechanisms on the micro-level is explained in simple layman’s terms, and then transitions into specific dieting, supplementation and training rules – providing you with four different protocols proportionally increasing in brutal intensity – AND effectiveness. I have been fortunate enough to try out these methods on both myself and a selection of athletes and lifters as part of Lyle’s research for the book, and although you might be filled with an intense hate for the name Lyle McDonald when you shed blood, tears and sweat to make it through one the protocols of this madman, you will praise his name when you finally see that last bit of fat around your waist, hips and legs vanishing before your eyes.” Borge (aka Blade) – Norway – MyoRevolution

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Stubborn Fat Solution