IUKL Accreditation

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the IUKL level 1 & 2 accreditations held in sunny Sydney recently.

The course was presented by the great Vasily Ginko who amazed everyone with his ability to make everything look easy and to do it for 3 days straight after stepping off a plane from Latvia on the morning of the first day.

Also attending the course was Australias own Girevoy Sport veteran Paul Tucker, whom it was great to finally meet. Emily Friedel and Chris Muling from AKB had also made the trip and it was great to meet those guys too. Emily is without doubt the leading woman GS practitioner in Australia and  Chris, despite being a relative newcomer to GS, showed plenty of skill with KBs, particularly in the potentially dangerous sport of kettlebell juggling. 

Day 1 was the level 1 accreditation. It was an option if you had some kettlebell experience but i think it was a wise choice to participate as it was an eye opener as to what Vasiy had in store for us in the following days. At the conclusion of this day we were put through a 10 exercise kata to achieve accreditation. There were some gutsy displays and everyone that had the courage to attempt the test got through.

That evening we enjoyed agood meal with Vasily, who was at this stage looking pretty tired after a marathon trip to Sydney and our host Darius Alligen from LaVanda Elite

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