Kettlebell Exercises

Split Snatch

We use this drill to develop power and athleticism of our athletes at South West Vale Tudo

Awesome for stimulating movement patterns associated with the take-down and for developing overall explosiveness & athleticism

YouTube Video

Double Kettlebell Split Snatch

YouTube Video

Alternate Cleans

Fantastic conditioning drill. Excellent for development of power and improving ability to cope with anti rotational forces.

Test yourself with as many reps as possible (AMRAP) in 3 minutes. Keep em off the ground!

Kettlebell Alternate Cleans

Band & Kettlebell Glute Activation

We find this drill very effective for teaching glute activation. Also a good drill to include in warm ups for lower body workouts

Band Kettlebell Glute Activation Drill

Kettlebell Circuit for Grapplers

The following circuit was developed to help improve the conditioning of the grapplers at our club. Check it out and then make sure you have a go at it. Rest only if you need to, if you feel your form wavering