Western GM Coach

*WGM celebrated 25 years in 2012*
This Chapter shall be authorized to function as a regional group covering the Western portion of the United States.


The purpose of the Chapter is:

a.          To promote the aims and objectives of F.M.C.A., Inc., as set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws of said association.

b.         To promote interest in converted G.M. Coaches as motor homes.

c.          To promote the safety and mechanical integrity of converted buses.

d.         To promote the safe operation and maintenance of converted buses.

e.          To exchange ideas, concepts, parts, and physical help toward converting and maintaining G.M. coaches.

What we do:
We own, operate and even live full time in converted Motor Coaches manufactured by General Motors originally designed for over the road transit.
As you visit our pages you can hopefully get a better understanding of these unique vehicles. Throughout the year WGM members gather 
in the form of rallys, Get togethers, road trips and generally form a family of "Bus-Nuts".
Rallys are held in all maner of locations and allow us to talk about our coaches, swap stories, tell tall tales and eat some of the best foods that
our familys can offer. In general, we just have daggum fun.


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Please note that some features of westerngmcoach.com are WGM member only.
The Family of WGM   

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