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Ken Maynard (1895 –1973) was an Western movie stuntman and actor.

Born Kenneth Olin Maynard in Vevay, Indiana, he was an accomplished horseman. As a young man, he performed in rodeos and was a trick rider with Buffalo Bill 's Wild West Show and a circus rider with Ringling Brothers. During World War I, he served in the United States Army.  He first appeared in silent motion pictures in 1923 and in addition to acting also did stunt work. Maynard became one of the first singing cowboys with Columbia Records and was also one of the first to make a star out of his white stallion named "Tarzan". With his white cowboy hat, fancy shirt, and pair of six-shooters, from the 1920s to the mid-1940s, Maynard appeared in more than 90 films. 

His brother, Kermit Maynard, was also an actor and stuntman.

Ken Maynard made his first comics appearance in Wow - What A Magazine! #2 published by David McKay Publication / Henle Publications and dated August 1936. This was a magazine-sized anthology series that lasted only four issues.  
Ken never appeared in a comic again during his filmmaking career. However, some years after his last picture was released, Fawcett began publishing Ken Maynard Western with issue #1 dated September 1950. There were eight issues in all; the last dated February 1952. All had photo front and back covers. In a period when most comics contained several short pieces in each issue, Fawcett Comics occasionally ran longer stories. Ken's comic sometimes features what are called 'complete western novelettes', or, in the case of issue #7, 'a complete western serial'; this one, with the intriguing title 'The Seven Wonders of the West'. The covers always have a big picture of Ken in those huge thirties-style hats, usually accompanied by a smaller insert picture. #8 has a great insert of Ken, reins in his left hand, hat held high in his right, standing on Tarzan.

Art in all eight Ken Maynard Comics is by Carl Pfeufer,who also drew Fawcett’s Tom Mix, some Gabby Hayes and a few earlier Hoppy issues.  Issues #1-3, and 5-8 all feature book-length stories broken into three chapters each. Oddly, #4 broke format with two separate stories. Ken’s series ended in February ‘52.

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