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Bob Steele Comics

Bob Steele (1907 - 1989)

Robert Bradbury took the stage name Bob Steele in 1927. He appeared in scores of films during the Thirties, rising to B-Western stardom and an apparently solid position as one of Republic Studios' top draws. Occasionally he made an appearance in more prominent films, as in his role as Curly in Of Mice and Men (1939). But he remained primarily a figure in Westerns. His stardom diminished by the mid-40s, and he spent the next quarter-century in character roles, some highly visible, such as his part in The Big Sleep (1946). He appeared often on television and regained some fame in his role as Trooper Duffy in "F Troop" (1965).


Bob Steele didn’t come to comic books until December 1950, four years after he’d made his last B-westerns for PRC in 1946. But prolific cowboy comic publisher Fawcett knew the re-showings of his dozens of B-westerns on early TV would prompt fast sales.

Bob Steele Western # 01 (see below)was published by Fawcett Publications with a cover date of December, 1950. The last issue, Bob Steele Western #10 appeared with a date of June, 1952. All ten issues have photo-covers and 1-4 have photo back covers.

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