George O'Brien Comics

George O'Brien (1899 – 1985)  In 1924, George O’Brien was chosen by the famed movie director John Ford to star in the major movie The Iron Horse.  The film was an immense success at the box-office and O'Brien made nine more films for Ford.  O'Brien would spend the remainder of the 1920s as an extremely popular leading man in films, often starring in action and adventure roles.  With the advent of sound, George O'Brien became a popular star of Westerns and rarely took parts outside of the Western film genre. Throughout the 1930s, O'Brien was a consistent Top Ten box-office draw appearing in scores of Westerns, often atop his horse named Mike.

1.  George O'Brien and the Hooded Riders  (Big Little Book)  1940  


2.  Bulletcode - George O'Brien - Roughshod - Robert Sterling - Prize Western # 78


3.  Stage to Chino - George O’Brien - Prize Western # 79


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