February 2016 - Bee Activity and Preparing for Upcoming Season

Greetings from your WCBA president. My intent is to give pertinent beekeeping tips to you each month so that you will be able to plan the work that needs to be accomplished to keep your bees healthy, strong, and productive. These tips are based on the timeline and way I keep bees.

Tomorrow is February 2, 2016, Ground Hog Day, and we have several inches of snow on the ground. If you didn’t get to the bee yard last month you should make a trip, soon. Things to do in the yard; check for stores, replace missing covers, keep bricks on them. If the day is somewhat warm, you should see a little activity. Bees making short flights, cleansing flights. You might see yellow spots in the snow around your hive. This is a product of their "cleansing flights". Feed your bees if they are low on stores. You can check store by judging the weight of the hive by gently tilting it. We do not recommend going into your hive when it is cold (below 50 degrees).

Back in the shop, continue to prepare new hive parts and clean up old ones. You should re-paint and repair old hive bodies and supers. You need to have all your hive components completed and ready to go so you can set up your hives well in advance of getting your bees.

Speaking of which, your new bees should be on order by now, if not you must get them ordered. Check out the Club's website for various suppliers of bees and wooden ware. The experts tell us that there will be a shortage of new bees this year. Don’t miss out. If you have everything ready, good for you.

The coming Sunday is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, so sit down and cheer for your favorite team. And it had better be the BRONCO’s.

Do you want to Learn more about beekeeping? Then attend our club meetings where seasoned and unseasoned beekeepers share their knowledge and experiences. Come and join us, we would love to share with you.

Howard “Howdy” Martsolf

WCBA President