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Registration for Murray's Brigade is closed
  • Select the battalion you wish to register with. Please make sure that you or your unit has contacted the battalion before you register.
  • Fill out the form and click on the PayPal logo for payment. 
  • Registration is $45.00, that includes rations for the event.
  • The brigade will be registered as "Murray's Brigade" for the event.
  • Registration will end for the brigade on April 30th 2013.
  • Please do not register through the BGA site
  • We apologies but there will be no refunds
If you have questions please contact Joe Beedle

1st Battalion        24th Michigan / 1st Maryland, Potomac Home Brigade
Battalion Commander - Will Eichler
2nd Battalion      19th Indiana / 150th New York
Battalion Commander - Pete Berezuk

3rd Battalion          6th Wisconsin / 1st Maryland, Eastern Shores
Battalion Commander - Andrew Dangel

Brigade Staff        Invite Only