Team Information

The goal is for all swimmers to feel comfortable in the water, know how to do the basic swimming strokes and have fun in a team environment.
Points of Contact

Parents Point of Contact
Westcreek President - Kenneth Owens
Westcreek Vice President - Linda Bock
Westcreek Secretary - April Morgan
Westcreek Treasurer - Shauna Commander
Head Coach
Chistopher Olvera
Assistant Coaches

Kenneth Owens is the point of contact for helping coordinate with Managers and general swim team information. 

Volunteer Manager

Parent Instructions
1.  Mark  the races on your child’s thigh or arm with a sharpie (it will come off in a couple days or with handsanitizer) It should look like this:
The E stand for the event number, H stands for the Heat, and L stand for the Lane:













2.  Write the numbers of the races your child is swimming in the order they swim.  It is also a good idea to write the letter that represents the stroke they will be swimming FR=Free, BK=Back, BR=Breast, and FL=Fly, I=IM, and if it is a relay, write an R before the stroke letters.


Cynthia Aguirre,
Jun 4, 2012, 7:59 AM