West Coast EPP Collaborative

The West Coast States Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Collaborative (WCEPPC) is a collective of state government personnel interested in sharing knowledge and expertise related to environmentally preferable purchasing practices. Collectively we have in-depth knowledge of a wide array of topics related to green purchasing and sustainability.  Members have extensive lists of contacts and are themselves knowledgeable professionals.

Our purpose is to share information and resources related to green purchasing, reduce duplication, and enhance efficiency and effectiveness of state EPP initiatives.

WCEPPC Documents

Meeting agendas, meeting notes, and other useful tools.


Meeting dates, webinars, contract deadlines, EPP events.


West Coast EPP Members and industry contacts.

EPP Discussions

Share ideas, exchange information and ask questions here.


Share events, RFPs, bulletins and news.


This is the spot where we'll store samples of contract language and other useful resources for your use.


For more information about the West Coast Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Collaborative contact cofacilitors Paula Del Giudice at PPRC pdelgiudice@pprc.org, or Donna Walden at WSPPN dwalden@unr.edu.