Find out about some of the exciting things that have happened at Westbury Park Spiritualist Church...

  • Westbury Park visited the Arthur Findlay College Open Day

AFC - Stansted Hall
The Arthur Findlay College, based in Stansted Hall is a world class centre for the development of psychic and Spiritualist practice. Students attend courses there from all over the world, and each year the college holds an open week. The impressive building is set in beautiful grounds with a peaceful atmosphere.

A number of people who attend Westbury Park visited the open day, and enjoyed the various talks, demonstrations, workshops and private sittings. We were able to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful grounds that surround the college, visit the college bookshop, and have lunch in the restaurant. It was a great opportunity to meet other Spiritualists, and spend an enjoyable day together.

  • Westbury Park enjoyed a charity evening with Sarah Horski and Friends and international medium Mavis Patilla

Sarah Horski
Professional musicians, Sarah Horski (pictured) and Friends performed  on this evening of music and song. The evening also included a demonstration of mediumship by Mavis Patilla OSNU. All funds raised at this event were given to the Help For Heroes charity.

  • Visit to the National Memorial Arboretum

Friends from Westbury Park Spiritualist Church travelled to the NMA in Alrewas near Stafford to take part in the Service and Walk for Peace. This event was organised by the Spiritualists' National Union to commemorate the first anniversary of the dedication of a memorial for Spiritualists who have served their country in times of conflict.

We arrived at the arboretum - the weather made the place all the more beautiful, and we couldn't fail to appreciate the amazing environment that has been created here. We joined Spiritualists who had travelled from near and far for the Peace Service, led by David Bruton (President SNU), Minister Judith Seaman, Minister Stephen Upton, Julia Almond and Dinah Anabel. During the service we were able to reflect on both conflict and peace; how this world is still learning the lessons of war, and how each individual can start to create peace for the world.

The Peace Walk to the SNU Memorial followed the service. This gave a chance for us all to reflect on the words said in the service, and for friends to catch up with each other. Led by a piper, we 
walked through the grounds of the arboretum, stunning in itself, but nothing could have prepared us for the most beautiful sight of the wild flower meadow where the memorial is placed.

At the Memorial, more words and prayers of peace were spoken, and three wreaths were laid, from the Spiritualist's Lyceum Union, the SNU, and from a representative of the armed forces. We moved into the silent to say personal prayers and make personal reflections, and the bugler played The Last Post.

Our final hymn O'er The Earth The Dawn Is Breaking

O'er the earth the dawn is breaking,
Angels whisper through the gloom;
Man from his long sleep is waking

To the life beyond the tomb,
Let us then be all united,
One great army of the free

And the watchword on our banner -
Union Strong with liberty.

All around the fields are whitening,
For truth's golden harvest's near;
All around men need enlightening,
They no longer death shall 
Let us then be up and doing,
Gather round, where're they be,

Every soul who truth is seeking -
Union strong with liberty.

See the ancient creeds are falling, 

Man is freed from every chain;
Angel voices now are 
calling -
"When we die we live again"
Rich and poor, and great and humble
Swell the army of the free;
Mortals join with those departed -
Loving light and liberty.

The hymn reminded us of the theme for this year's peace service - One Union strength through Unity. After the final benediction made by Julia Almond, and the playing of Reveille, we were all invited to place a flower at the Memorial, and play our final part in the service. As we walked back to the main part of the arboretum we had the chance to scatter wild flower seeds into the mea
dow. When we return each year and see the flowers that have grown from the seeds that we have sown, we also hope that the seeds of peace that we have all sown together will also have blossomed, and in some way have changed the World.