Planning and Design Group

The Design Group aims to ensure that proposed developments and changes are consistent with safeguarding and enhancing the special character of Westbury Park. The Group comments on planning applications and on other proposals affecting the local environment. In January 2014 the Group published a Character Assessment and Design Guide aimed at influencing the quality of development proposals in Westbury Park. 

The Design Group comprises eight members - Jeff Bishop (chair), Clare Wilks, Jennifer Angus, Serena Ralston, Oliver Kent, Stephen Noreiko, Judith Sluglett and Kevin Chidgey. If you are interested in joining the Group please contact Kevin Chidgey (

The Design Group have been really pleased to see that, on three recent planning applications, the applicants have been in touch with us BEFORE putting in their applications. They have all used our (ie. your) Westbury Park Character Assessment and also been asked to contact us by the planning officers. The applications are not for major changes but it is really good that people are doing things properly and consulting us when it matters.




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5 Mar 2015, 03:55