About Us

The Westbury Park Community Association was set up in 2011 to improve the environmental, social and cultural life of residents and to promote Westbury Park.   
The Association seeks to:
  • keep residents better informed of issues and proposals affecting Westbury Park 
  • influence planning, environmental, traffic, social and educational policies and plans affecting Westbury Park
  • improve community facilities and services in conjunction with our Neighbourhood Partnerships; and 
  • organise or support a range of activities aimed at building community spirit, cohesion and enjoyment.
The Community Association carries out much of its work through three interest groups - the Design Group, the Traffic Group and the Festival Committee. See the respective web pages for more information on each of these groups.  

Community Association Priorities

We recently asked members for views on what the WPCA could do better or start doing, and perhaps stop doing if something is not a priority. 

 The following actions were highly ranked (average score of over 8 out of 10):

  • Retention/better use of community buildings (eg. library)
  • Continue to organise the Westbury Park Festival
  • Resistance to unsympathetic development, loss of front gardens, etc.
  • Better maintenance of pavements
  • Support for Coldharbour Road and North View trader 

Other ideas put forward by members included:- Play street in Devonshire Road, sharing knowledge/skills across generations; sewing, cooking, DIY etc., visits to BBC and Lord Mayor’s tea, keep Open Gardens going, more members for Strollers Group, more street parties and playing out, deal with bumpy tree roots, use website to report tree problems and bring back the no.72 bus service.

 We are already tackling some things : 

  • We are supporting the Methodist Church in their bid for money to improve community facilities
  • A visit has being arranged to the Lord Mayor’s Consort’s Tea
  • The Westbury Park Festival is still happening (with some new blood).
  • The Open Gardens will be continuing as part of the Festival.
  • There will be lots for children in next year’s Festival.
  • We continue to monitor planning applications and make comments if necessary (and chase problems, eg. 99 Devonshire Road!).
  • We are working with the Coldharbour traders to get more cycle racks.

There were also a number of areas mentioned where we might do more (eg. creating more opportunities for social contact and inter-generational communication, lobbying for better maintenance of pavements, better use of open spaces, lobbying for better bus services).

The Community Association publish a quarterly Newsletter summarising activities and issues and listing social events. Email  westburyparkca@gmail.com to request our free newsletter.