Thursday Folders

In a concerted effort to reduce the environmental impact of sending home paper notices and information with students, the Westbrook School Department has created "Thursday Folders" on each of the school's individual webpages.  

From time to time, students will bring home paper, but we are trying to limit that to student's school work and school building information and notices.

All other information, if approved, will be posted to Thursday Folders to reach the greatest audience and reduce the environmental impact by going paperless.

You may submit your email on any or all of the school's pages / Thursday Folders to receive an email every Thursday afternoon with links to the approved flyers and information posted or you may go to the school's website and view them directly.

Interested in having your flyer or information posted to Westbrook School's Thursday folders?
Please email your flyer or notice to for consideration.  Please indicate Thursday Folders in the subject line and in the email state what schools / grade levels you would like the information posted to.

All information is reviewed by the Superintendent of Schools for appropriate content and accessibility to all students.  You will receive an email as to whether your flyer/information has been approved for Thursday folders.