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From The Vermonters, Vol 26, 1921, "On Meeting-House Hill" by Martha Votey Smith:

"A local historian in beginning the history of the town says:  'To find where 'the rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep,' we must go to a much higher elevation two miles distant.  By ascending a long hill nearly north from Centerville, we find the ancient burial-place of the town... One of the few relics left of the first village of the town, where is the evidence of a former population, is this old cemetery.'

"The farm, and the cemetery, were part of a tract of one thousand acres bought by Dr. Henry Wells, the first physician of Brattleboro, who came from New York about 1767 to take up the land, he and his wife being two of the patentees of the town...

"There was no settlement at first where Brattleboro village [downtown] now centers, the first dwelling houses being built where the Retreat now stands and north and west from there.  A road led from there directly to Meeting-House Hill, and as new homes were established in different parts of the town, other roads were made to the same point and there came to be quite a settlement there.  The meeting-house was used for town meetings as well as for Sunday services and the June trainings were held on the Common.  Here also were the stocks for the punishment of offenders, set into the post used as a village bulletin-board."

West Brattleboro, likely in the late 1800s: