Check out some of the Capstone Books and then AR test on them. Have the book read to you or read them yourself. Students have been given the user name and password. If they have forgotten it, they may ask in the library or ask their teacher. Also, you may call the school library and ask. We hope you enjoy the books!

Check out your AR points and goals using Renaissance Place Home Connect.

Click here to see if your book has an AR Quiz available.

Library Orientation for Students

1.  Rules are posted:  No food or drinks in library.    No loud talking.    No playing.    Don’t lean back in the chairs, don’t move chairs, no feet in chairs.

2.  Students will need their lunch number to check out books.  After the lunch number is entered into the computer, the student will scan the book.  When checking books in, the student scans the book in and places it on the wooden cart.  Student is responsible for book once it’s checked out.

3.  Two books may be checked out for a two week period.  A book may be renewed one time.  There is a limit of one new book and one drawing book.  New books are for 2 weeks only—no renewal. One book per series.   

4.  Overdue charges are 10 cents per day for each day that the library is open.  All overdue charges must be paid and all overdue books checked in before a student may check out a book.

5.  Lost Books:  For hardcover books, you will owe a minimum of $20.  If the book costs more, you must pay the higher cost.

6.  Always use a shelf marker when selecting books.  It helps get books back in their proper place so you and your classmates can find them easily.

7.  Don’t push books to back of the shelf.  The front alignment looks neater and makes it easier for you to see all the books.

8.   Use computers only with permission and a stated purpose. No games are to be played on the computers.  Students may not go to a website without permission (no myspace, facebook,etc.)

9.  Magazines and newspapers are for use while in the library.  They may not be checked out.  You cannot cut anything out of magazines or newspapers.  Do not write in magazines.  Use your own paper.

10.  Reference books are for use in the library and may not be checked out.  They are organized according to the Dewey Decimal System.

11. Biographies:  Organized by the first three letters of the person whom the book is about.  Use the letter labels on the shelf to help you locate the books.  AR books have a color-coded label on them giving the grade level.  Biography collection:  Organized by the last name of the author of the book.

12. Fiction books:  Books are shelved in order of the author’s last name (use first 3 letters).  Use the letter labels on the shelf to help you locate the books.  AR books are marked with a color-coded label giving the grade level.  Story collection—after Z.

13. Non-fiction books:   Organized according to the Dewey Decimal System, then by first 3 letters of author’s last name.  Grouped 000—999.  Use posters and number labels to help you find sections of books.  AR books have a color-coded label on them giving the grade level.

14. Use of Destiny:  Students may use the Destiny “search” program on a computer to help locate a desired book or to locate a book on a topic.  Double click on the tree on the computer’s desktop.  After Destiny opens, type the title of the book, the author’s name, a subject, or a reading level into the search line.  Click the appropriate heading on the screen and Destiny will show a listing of its search.  It will also tell you if the book is in the library or checked out.  If you click on the book, you will get more information about it.  We will spend some classtime learning about other things Destiny can help you do.  To access Destiny at school, type bibbdestiny into Firefox and click on West Blocton Middle School or click on the shortcut provided on the computer in the classroom.  To assess Destiny at home: If  you will use this at home the day before your library day, you can get a good idea of books you may like to check out.  Destiny can also help you find websites on most topics.

15.  Labels:  Check labels on book covers carefully before check out.  Books returned with “picked” or torn labels will be $1 per label.