Welcome and Course Description

Teacher: Ms. Plunkett  Room: 306 (or History office 308)  
Extra Help: By appointment before/after school or lunch
Email contact: julie.plunkett@yrdsb.edu.on.ca

Welcome! This course investigates the major trends in Western civilization and world history from the sixteenth century to the present.  Students will learn about the interaction between the emerging West and other regions of the world and about the development of modern social, political, and economic systems.  They will use critical-thinking and communication skills to investigate the historical roots of contemporary issues and present their conclusions.

The six concepts of historical thinking – historical significance, cause and consequence, 
continuity and change, historical perspectives, evidence and the ethical dimension – underpin thinking and learning in all history courses in the Canadian and world studies program.  

Course Units:

  • Unit One:  The World Re-invented:1450-1650

  • Unit Two:  An Age of Enlightenment and Revolution: 1715-1815

  • Unit Three: Modern Europe: 1815-1914

  • Unit Four: The Twentieth Century: 1914-Present