Implementing the Plan
The City has an array of implementation tools at its disposal to implement the goals and policies of the New Community Plan. These implementation tools may to be used in helping to make neighborhoods more livable, create aesthetically pleasing places and facilitate healthy and sustainable development patterns within the Community Plan Area.  The implementation tools specific to the West Adams New Community Plan are provided below.

Community Plan Implementation Overlay (CPIO) District and Specific Plan Amendments
The  West Adams New Community Plan is implemented through two implementation tools: a Community Plan Implementation Overlay (CPIO) District and amendments to a Specific Plan. These land use ordinances set forth design and development standards for revitalizing existing commercial corridors, major intersection nodes, transit-oriented development areas and industrial areas.  The Community Plan is implemented through seven CPIO District subareas and the amended Crenshaw Corridor Specific Plan.


Refer to the Final Plan for the adopted West Adams CPIO District and amended Crenshaw Corridor Specific Plan ordinances. 

Community Plan Implementation Overview Map