About The W.S.A.

For over 35 years the Wessex Soaring Association has 
remained one of the few organisations dedicated entirely to the building and flying of radio-controlled model gliders and sailplanes.
Formed by a small group of modellers based mainly in Dorset , the club was originally established solely for the pursuit of silent (i.e.non-powered) radio controlled model flying.
Exclusive, private access to a comprehensive range of slope sites located on the Dorset/Wiltshire border was negotiated with local landowners, along with the use of a selection of flat field sites in the Wimborne area.
The WSA started with a handful of members, but over the years this has grown to the current level of around 40. Membership is drawn from a large  area and the variety of models flown is as wide as the levels of ability and experience amongst the membership.
From the novice and occasional flyers to prolific scale glider enthusaists, national competitors in F3J and F3F; the Wessex Soaring Association  offers a depth of experience and enthusiasm to prosepective members whatever their level of skill or commitment.
2008 saw the introduction of electric-launched sailplanes (e-soarers) to the WSA constitution. A site has been established and interest is growing rapidly in this exciting new area of or sport/hobby.
Gliding and soaring will always be at the core of the Wessex Soaring Association. Our slope sites remain exclusively for non-powered models and will continue to do.
In 2010 it was voted that the club should affiliate with the BMFA.