Welcome to the Cooperative Ministry of Wesley United Church , St Andrews , New Brunswick Canada and the rural congregations of St James in rural Charlotte County, near St Stephen.  in beautiful St Andrews by-the-sea,  New Brunswick.

Wesley , St Andrews meets at  77 William St, in the centre of town,  less than 2 blocks from the waterfront.  St James meets either  at Oak Hill Hall  [732 Route 745, near the intersection of 745 and Lynnfield Road] or at Scotch Ridge United [on 735 opposite Scotch Ridge Hall- where 735 and 730 meet]. They switch locations once a month.  Sometimes in the winter St James does "house church' instead of Scotch Ridge.

  Welcome to the last weeks of summer!     

In August, we return to our usual worship schedule : 9:30 at Wesley [followed by a drink and fellowship] and 11:30 at St James.  The August services in St James are in Scotch Ridge Church  [remember- historic location, i.e. no bathroom].   One exception:  August 20 we will have a combined 11 a.m. worship and lunch experience at 921 Route 745- please bring lawn chair, and if you can, a potluck main course or appetizer- dessert provided.  There will be fun and games too!   A relaxed summer atmosphere for all ages. 

Both our congregations are small though of course we'd love to be bigger, if everyone found us who might enjoy taking part with us- you stand a chance of learning everyone's names if you stick around!  We are also very welcoming of new people- whether you connect with us sometimes or often, whether on Sunday or in some of our midweek events.  It's your choice how far to get involved.  We won't ask you to do something or join something when you first visit us-  but we will support you in discernment if you wish to find a more permanent place among us- and we will encourage you in whatever you feel moved to offer to our common life.  

If you have questions and doubts- if you want new ways to explore spiritual life - if you want help seeing how long ago stories and traditions might still speak to us- if you value diversity- if you want a safe place where you will be included as the unique person you are- then we hope you will come in our door, or send an email, or book a coffee with the minister.   

Perhaps you think of church as a place where you are judged, as a place where you must sign on to specific beliefs, as a place which focuses more on the afterlife than this present life:  we are none of the above!

Perhaps you are looking for a progressive, open spirituality - where your sense of the Holy can evolve- where the wonderful and fascinating insights of today's science inform our reading of the Creation story- where we are open to the wisdom of other faiths- where we care about those who are vulnerable, marginalized, at the receiving end of discrimination - where we care about the environment- where we promote acceptance and respect for all.   If so , come check us out.

Please explore this website for more about who we are and what we are about.  Please see Coming Events for more information on what's coming up!  Hope to see you soon!

Please note:  Wesley sanctuary is wheelchair accessible- unfortunately the rest room, and other rooms, are up or down stairs. We are hoping to be able to change that situation sooner rather than later! 

 Oak Hill Hall   accessible, though the washroom is probably accessible to those using a walker rather than those using a wheelchair.   In Scotch Ridge the sanctuary is fully accessible but it is a heritage building and there is no washroom.  

We will hope shortly to post photos of all 3 churches! 

To find out more, keep exploring our website, or contact us.
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