Portrait by Leah Smith

Wesley D. Cray

Assistant Professor
Philosophy / Asian Studies
Texas Christian University


I'm an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department  at TCU. I'm also an affiliate of the Asian Studies program and a founding member of the TCU Comics Initiative.

My research interests are mostly centered on philosophical aesthetics, with a focus on the ontology of art. I also have interests in philosophy of religion, philosophy of language, and metaphysics more generally.

I teach a range of courses on aesthetics, metaphysics, and the history of philosophy.

When not doing academic stuff, I read comics and play video games with my cats, Cosey Fanni Kitty and Foot Foot, and my dog, Agatha Switchblade.

On occasion, I perform as a one-person punk band, in which I sing and play drums and a double-necked electric cigar-box diddley-bow.

In the past, I've been a writer for a music magazine, a radio host and producer, a grocery clerk, a college admissions counselor, a martial arts instructor, a tele-surveyer, a data analyst, and an apartment maintenance person.