Wesley D. Cray

Assistant Professor
Philosophy / Asian Studies
Texas Christian University



I was born on Long Island and grew up in rural Pennsylvania. In 2005, I received a B.A. in Philosophy (with a minor in Religious Studies) from the Cook Honors College at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In 2012, I earned my Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Ohio State University. From 2012-2013, I was a Senior Lecturer at Ohio State, and then from 2013-2016, a Visiting Assistant Professor at Grand Valley State University.

As of 2016, I'm an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department and Asian Studies program at TCUI teach a range of courses on aesthetics, metaphysics, and the history of philosophy.

My current research interests are mostly centered on metaphysical issues pertaining to art, ideas, and the relation between the two. I also have interests in philosophy of religion, philosophy of language, and philosophical methodology. 

Since 2013, I've been the webmaster and occasional co-organizer of the Early Career Metaphysics Workshop, an annual event designed to highlight the work of early career scholars specializing in metaphysics, broadly construed.

When not doing academic stuff, I read comics, ride my bike, and hang out with my cats, Friendo and Foot Foot (pictured to the left). On occasion, I perform at festivals, in bars, or at house shows as a one-person punk band, in which I sing and play both drums and a double-necked electric cigar-box diddley-bow.

In the past, I've been a writer for a music magazine, a radio host and producer, a grocery store clerk, a college admissions counselor, a tele-surveyer, a data analyst, and an apartment maintenance person.