Free diving with a Hawaiian sling, Florida Keys

Sailfishing, Florida

Living in Mexico has its charm.

My new best friend in Belize. A coatimundi.

Camping on a deserted island.

Autopilots are great.

Setting the hook, Sawyer Key, Florida

Fishing the Gulf Stream from our trawler.

With my wife and Smudge the seacat, after my rescue by Carnival VALOR.

The Killing Fields, Cambodia 

A gracious Robert Ludlum hosting my
second novel's launch. Florida.

South Beach, Miami, Florida

Bruges, Belgium, my wife's home.

On the Thai-Myanmar border

Thai dragon

Bowhunting wild boar. 
(before becoming vegan)

boating  in the 10,000 islands
Always on boats...

on one of my dinghies, with my surfboard.

Just me.

At  the helm of my sailboat.

And inside, where it was cozier:

Free diving for lobsters in the Florida Keys

Sometimes things go wrong.


Just love the Florida Keys! 

A refreshing dip in the jungle of Panama