WES DEMOTT is a real-life adventurer who loves to be around people and is extremely comfortable on-stage, on-camera, and on-the-spot. During his 22 year professional writing career he's been a:
  • National Press Club presenter 
  • Sleuthfest presenter/panelist 
  • Virginia Book presenter/panelist (John Grisham headlined) 
  • University of Georgia presenter/panelist 
  • Miami Book Fair presenter 
  • Main Speaker, Australian Embassy (speech on POWs attached below) 
  • Book Expo, Los Angeles, presenter and top-selling author 
  • Contributor to University of South Carolina Press's art reference book, SEEKING 
  • Writing conference Master of Ceremonies 
  • Presenter / Reader at ReadFest 

Additionally, Wes: 

  • Had a book launch hosted by Robert Ludlum 
  • Had a successful, publisher-sponsored 10-city pre-publication book tour 
  • Had an even more successful publisher-sponsored Nationwide Book Tour 
  • Was hosted on an Eastern European Book Tour by foreign publishers 
  • Had well-attended book signings at Powell's (Portland), Books and Books (Miami), Politics and Prose (DC), as well as Barnes and Nobles and Borders nationwide 
  • Was a script consultant on a full-length feature film 
  • Won awards for two short stories, a novel, and a screenplay 
  • Was the subject of several magazine profiles and dozens of newspaper articles, including being showcased (as a KGB Agent in a black leather trench coat and fedora) in the Hungarian edition of FHM Magazine 
  • Done more than a hundred live radio/television interviews, including call-in shows (which Wes loves) 
  • Was a lead character in The FBI Files 
  • Was a stage actor appearing in lead roles 
  • Appeared as an extra in feature films

Magazines, newspapers and TV with articles about Wes DeMott:

  • Coral springs forum, FL
  • Naples Daily News, FL
  • N Magazine, FL
  • Gulfshore Magazine, FL
  • Virginia Pilot, VA
  • News Press, Fort Myers, FL
  • The Rockdale Citizen, GA
  • The Denver Post, CO
  • The Daily Sun, Atlanta GA
  • Sun Journal, NC
  • Fort Myers and SW Florida Magazine, FL
  • Portfolio Magazine, VA
  • Daily News, Jacksonville, FL
  • The Star Advocate, OR
  • Herald Tribune, Sarasota, FL
  • The Naples Review, FL
  • Barnes and Noble Events Calendar
  • The Washington Veteran review
  • CBS / NBC / ABC / CNN / Fox nationwide
  • Soundings Magazine
  • USA Today
  • Huffington Post
  • Cruise Critic
  • SW Florida Readfest
  • TNN, Gazette Edition
  • Der Spiegel, Germany
  • US News and World Report
  • Extra Bladet, Denmark
  • Videorepubblica, Italy
  • Cuba Headlines

A. Filmography

1. Script consultant for the full length feature film: Jericho  

2. (2002) Consultant on FBI procedures, FBI Files, New Dominion Pictures for Discovery Channel.

3. Vengeance: The Story of Tony Cimo. With actors Brad Davis, Roxanne Hart and William Conrad (1986). (minor cast member)  

B. Acting Experience

  • Moon Over Buffalo. A comedy by Ken Ludwig. Role played : Paul 
  • Central Park West. Role played: Sam 
  • Hotline. Role Played: Ken Gardner 
  • FBI Files: TV series : Lead FBI agent, "Vanished" 

C. Talk Shows

Guest on numerous regional and national talk shows such as ABC, NBC, Fox and Warner Brothers.


  • Prisoners of War; 
  • War on Terror; 
  • Human Intelligence Gathering (HUMINT). 

D. Wikipedia on Wes


  • Loving Zelda, A Story of Change Reluctantly Told (2011), ISBN 978-1-61220-043-9. Admiral House
  • The Typhoon Sanction (2011), ISBN 978-1-61220-044-6. Admiral House. Thriller. 
  • Tortuga Gold, A Mayday Salvage and Rescue Adventure (2011), ISBN 978-1-61220-045-3. Admiral House
  • Walking K (1998), ISBN 0-9659602-6-9. 9780965960267. Admiral House. Plot summary: a political thriller pulled from recent trade negotiations between the U.S. and Vietnam, showing that America had no choice but to abandon POW'S held in-country.[1]
  • Vapors (1999), ISBN 0-9659602-7-7, 9780965960274. Admiral House. Plot summary: a psychological thriller about America's defense contractors and the dangerous territory beyond government oversight where secret policy is made. Retitled The Fund in paperback, it has been translated into Czech, Hungarian and Russian. 
  • Stiny, (2000) ISBN 8072183362, 9788072183364. Czech translation of Vapors, published by Alpress.[2]
  • Árnyak (2001), ISBN 9639261505, 9789639261501, Hungarian translation of Vapors, Athenaeum (Hungary).[3]
  • Фонд (2008), ISBN 978-5-17-039121-9, 978-5-9713-7250-9, 978-5-226-00257-1. Russian translation of Vapors.[4]
  • The Fund (2004), ISBN 0-8439-5446-9, 9780843954463. Leisure Books.[5] Plot summary: when Peter Jamison, an aerospace engineer, and his girlfriend, attorney Melissa Corley, stumble upon a crime of corruption, power, and murder, they become pawns in a deadly political game controlled by the White House and the FBI. 
  • Heat Sync, (2006), ISBN 0-8439-5545-7. 9780843955453. Leisure Books. Plot summary: Recruited into a covert military force known as Jaspers, soldier Henry Thompson, believing that he is being trained to assassinate America's foreign enemies, is stunned when he receives his first real assignment—to kill the President of the United States. 
  • The Fund, audio book (2009) ISBN 978-1-60548-200-2. Books in Motion.[6]
  • Heat Sync, audio book (2009) ISBN 978-1-60548-204-0. Books in Motion 
  • Walking K, audio book (2009), ISBN 978-1-60548-351-1. Books in Motion 

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