An education from Microsoft has to be one of the most respected in the computer world wouldn't you think?  Just check into their certification programs and see how much
they cost for training.  But, keep reading, this is not a sales pitch!  While surfing the web I accidentally came across FREE MICROSOFT
ONLINE TRAINING AND CERTIFICATE !  WOW, was I surprised.  Now... the certificate you are awarded and able to download after passing your assessment exams are not held in the same authority as their paid exams and certifications, (mainly because you are in your home, with no qualified instructor watching to make sure you don't cheat:) but you have something in your hand, with the name Microsoft, that states you know something about computers.  It has a traceable reference number on it that can be linked to you taking and passing the assessment!  Even if you don't care about the certificate, you can at least get quality computer training for FREE.
You may want to get a MSN or Hotmail Email address, because you usually need it when your dealing with Microsoft. If this sounds good to you, I've provided a link to the site below, but before you go...PLEASE, if anyone can pass the Microsoft Digital Literacy Advanced Assessment please let me know at  or  Thank you!
Here is the link:

This online school is not as well known as Microsoft, but it has affordable training, and a certificate program as well.  First you just take a test on something you think you'll pass, and if you do, you have the opportunity to purchase a certificate from them.  Free test,  certificate sent in mail.  Its that easy!  You can sign up for training classes or for unlimited tests and certificates for one lump sum if you would like.
I have tried this service and bought a whole year package myself and I am more than satisfied with the study materials, even though they are not 100% up to date yet, and their certificates take about a week to show up in the mail.  If you are interested in this school, just click on the National Computer Science Academy banner above.

I've never heard of these guys until just recently.
Again I was surfing the WWW and came across this site.( you can click on their logo to go there, and sign up, and begin taking their certification online courses for free!)  The company is from the UK or something, but they also offer some Microsoft courses, and many other courses as well.  Just watch out 'cause they offer pay services too.
Here's a site that offers free online courses or study material from several of the most well known universities.  Some of the material is hit or miss, but it's absolutely free! Click on the link below:
Click online courses, and start looking for your topic.
Here is a site from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with free
 course study material. Click on the link below:

This is a great product, I've tried it myself. My end-user license ended for Word, and I deleted Word and installed this program, and I don't miss Word at all! Best of all, its absolutely FREE!!! Go do a Google or Bing search right now for word processors, or Word, and see how much they cost. I bet you'll be right back here clicking on the above Open image, and downloading today! When do you loose your license for Word?

HP Learning center has been one of the longest FREE online computer courses that I can remember. They still offer a free down-loadable certificate of completion when you pass the exam after each course! HP is a leader in the industry, and offering such a variety of courses for free sets them apart from the rest. HP also offers paid courses and certifications (info. found on another site) but they also offer the most quality courses for free in my opinion. That is why I have saved them for last on this page. Check them out, click on the HP icon!
Here is a free site where you can practice your typing skills, and take typing certification tests online.  Download your free certificate when you pass. Click on the link below:
Microsoft Office free training site. Now you can learn about Office 2010 and get free training, direct from Microsoft! Cool!
Click on the link below:
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