History of Sansanwal\Sinsinwar Jats

Sansanwal or Sinsinwar are the same and gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan, Delhi, Harayan and Uttar Pradesh in India. Sinsinwars were the rulers of princely state Bharatpur. Before the formation of Bharatpur state the capital of Sinsinwars was at Sinsini.

Sinsini earlier was known as 'Shoor saini' and its inhabitants were known as 'Saur Sen'. The influence of Saur Sen people can be judged from the fact that the dialect of the entire north India at one time was known as 'Saursaini'.

Shoor Sain people were Chandravansi. Lord Krishna was also born in vrishni branch of Chandravansh. A group of Yadavas was follower of Shiv and Vedic God in Sindh. Some inscriptions and coins of these people have been found in 'Mohenjo Daro'. ' Shiv Shani Sevi' words have been found engraved on one inscription. Yajur Veda mentions 'Shinay Swah'. 'Sini Isar' was found on one gold coin. Atharva Veda mentions 'Sinwali' for Sini God.

The above group of Yadavas came back from Sindh to Brij area and occupied Bayana in Bharatpur district. After some struggle the 'Balai' inhabitants were forced by Shodeo and Saini rulers to move out of Brij land and thus they occupied large areas. 'Saur Saini' was changed to 'ShinShoor' or 'Sinsini' after their God 'Shin'. These people of Sinsini were called Sinsinwar.

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Sansanwal In Delhi

The Jat forces of Bharatpur under the leadership of Raja Suraj Mal attacked dilli (Red Fort) and a majority of his soldiers were Sinsinwars. After the battle many Jat families stayed back and made there own small villages Katwaria Sarai being one of them. A very few families also lived in the tehsil of Mehrauli and village of Bijwasan where you find one or two houses of Sansanwals even today. As there was prosperity in this region, Sinsinwars never went back to Sinsini and their surname became Sansanwal from Sinsinwar due to the course of time. Sansanwal in itself is a very small gotra including Sinsinwars. They are not spread out a lot like many other gotras and only migrated once and that was in 1600s and as there was no migration later on. In fact, if you ever come across with a Sansanwal in your life again there is a 98% chance that he\she is from Katwaria Sarai.