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The Story of Passover

These applications are no longer available. We apologize  for the inconvenience. Please stay tuned for more from Wertheim Interactive on Mac OS X.

Full Version: http://bit.ly/bHrzVB

Lite Version: http://bit.ly/9psAGL

Have YOU ever wanted to learn about a Jewish holiday? Here's your chance, this application explains the story of Pesach (Passover).
This application contains a background story of Passover and also includes a summary of each element that stands behind this Jewish holiday. Learn about the:
  • Matzoh Tosh
  • Maror
  • Haggadah
And more!

Plus, if you do not know what a certain item looks like, then you can tap the button labeled "example" on the upper right hand corner to open a picture of it. Here you will find something that applications don't have. There are only Jewish calendars on this store, but by downloading this application, you will have the chance to not only learn more about Passover, but you will also have images to look at and details to share with others. It's like a virtual flash-card.
***NOTE: This application does NOT function as a full Haggadah. It is meant to be used for learning the general details/pronunciations/appearances of each element, as said in the full description. Icons were made by Michael "Hellcat" H.

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