Shipping Insurance

This might be the most problematic and misunderstood part of any shipping contract. One of the more frequently asked questions is, "why do I need marine insurance?"

There is no easy explanation to this other than, during local transportation, ocean or airfreight, contents are out of direct control on any freight forwarder. While contents are in a Wersen International warehouse or at one of our many international handling agents warehouses, contents are insured by warehouse coverage for a limited time. Always insure contents at their replacement value, in destination country. Any items over $10,000 must be professionally appraised prior to packing and pick-up.

We offer two types of International Marine Insurance.

1. All Risk: This policy covers, damage & breakages that may accrue from day of packing, through transit and delivery to final destination. Policy is valid till, 45th day upon arrival at port of destination. This policy guarantees insurance company will replace any article that is lost or damaged beyond repair with either a like item or a cash settlement. Any cash settlements made will be in the amount of the current market replacement value.

2. Total Loss: Available to all shipments. Coverage of this policy is; fire, theft or loss only. A total value must be placed on shipment.

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