CD albums by Werner Elmker

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   Music for the Heart 

This album contains the ideal music for a refined listening experience
that nourishes, expands, and uplifts the heart.
Music by Liszt, Chopin, Debussy, Grieg, Elmker, etc.

Music for Inner Healing

Soothing and deeply healing original music by Werner Elmker.
Includes Misty Waters, Worlds under Ocean, September Moon,
Before Dawn, Night Glories, Twin Star,
Marriage of Earth and Sky, Northstar, Evensong.

 Enchanted Night

In his Nocturnes, Chopin took the piano sound
to a high level of intimate beauty and delicacy.
This is the perfect music for those special refined moments.


Divine Inspiration

Music inspired by the divine creator and the beauty of
creation. Music by Grieg, Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi,
Schubert, Dowland, Handel, Pachelbel, and Elmker.

Claude Debussy

Delight in the softness and shimmering atmosphere
of impressionistic music. Includes Clair de Lune,
The Sunk Cathedral, Girl with Flaxen Hair, Arabesque, more.

Divine Mozart

Mozart's divine melodies and crystal clear musical
structures shine forth in these delightful selections
from his piano sonatas. Enjoy this charming and uplifting music.

Six French Suites by Johann Sebastian Bach

This is Bach when he is the most charming and dancing. 

The suites consist of short dance movements with colorful titles such as 

Allemande, Gavotte, Gigue, Polonaise, Courante, Sarabande etc. 

* * *

Audience Experiences

"This music has a distinct healing dimension, reaching into the depths of the heart, 
soothing pain, bringing peace to the mind and balance to the physiology."

"From the very first notes, my awareness began to settle into my heart and from there to greater and greater depths of silence. The effect was immediate and powerful and the inward pull clear and irresistible." 

* * *

About the performer

In performance of classical as well as original music, Danish concert pianist and composer Werner Elmker emphasizes the importance of improvisation as the main source of all great music. 

Improvised music is 'fresh'  music created in the moment, and often gives a stronger experience than music notated on paper.  Most of the great composers used improvisation during recitals and composing. Like the classical masters, Mr. Elmker improvises in his own tonal language which finds its origin in previous styles of classical music. 

He utilizes free improvisation, improvisation on original melodies, classical themes, folksongs, and film music. Through performances, CDs, radio programs and education, he seeks to reinvigorate the lost art of classical improvisation.