Werner Elmker Audio-Visual Studio

Amazing videos, photos, graphic design and music at very low rates.

High quality multi camera video production, audio recording and photography of:

• Business promotional videos

• Lectures and Presentations

• Conventions

• Community Events

• Construction projects including time-lapse videography

• Weddings

• Memorial Services

• Concerts

• Dance performances

• Sports

• Celebrations

• Fashion Shows

• Promotional Videos for Artists

• Music Videos

• Portraits

Graphic Design of:

• Posters

• Ads

• Banners

• Signs

• Newsletters

Classical, Popular and Original Piano and Organ music for:

• Weddings

• Memorial Services

• Performances and Recitals

Photo samples

Video samples

Comments on Photographs:

“Seeing your pictures creates a similar feeling as listening to your music:

There is a flow and spontaneity and yet deep silence.”

“Your photos capture the essence of the person, animal or place.

It’s not only the beauty of form but the integrity of form you help me see—

the nature of everything to keep on creating itself. ”