Werner Elmker, D.S.M.

• Doctoral level degree in piano performance and pedagogy from Royal Danish Music Conservatory.

• Published 15 piano CDs of classical & original music and 6 books of the Elmker Piano Method.

• Producer of ‘The Classical Music Guide’, a radio show featuring Werner Elmker’s

piano performance and narration.

•  Appointed by the Iowa Arts Council (U.S.A.) on their roster of top performing artists.

• University music professor in U.S.A for 12 years creating and directing a Music Department

and an Ethnomusicology Institute. 

• More than 25 years experience of music teaching.

• Training, research, and performance in ancient vocal music of India.

• Piano recitals featuring classical and original music and vocal recitals of ‘Ancient Voice’.

Contact Information

Phone: 1-641-472-4131

Address: P. O. Box 1206, Fairfield, Iowa, USA

E-mail: WernerElmker @ gmail.com

Website: www.elmker.com