* Your vocal recital was, without exception, the most profound musical experience of my entire life!

* Your music has a distinct healing dimension, reaching tenderly into the depths of the heart, soothing pain, bringing peace and silence to the mind, and creating calmness in the physiology.


CDs and recitals of improvised vocal music accompanied by Tamboura

The music of Ancient Voice is inspired by the ancient North Indian

vocal style known as Dhrupad, as well as other spiritual styles of vocal music,

such as Gregorian Chant, and recitations of various ancient traditions, etc.

This music is profoundly spiritual and is primarily intended to

guide the listener to a very quiet level of the mind.

The emphasis is not on entertainment or virtuosi display of rapid ornaments,

but rather on deep exploration of the

purity of microtones and overtones and the interplay between

silence and sound.

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Ancient Voice CD

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