Wenzheng Li

I am a second-year CS Ph.D. student at Stanford, and I am very fortunate to be advised by Jan Vondrak. Prior to that, I did my undergrad at Yao Class, Tsinghua University.

Manuscripts / In Submission

A Polynomial Lower Bound on Adaptive Complexity of Submodular Maximization

Wenzheng Li, Paul Liu, Jan Vondrak

To appear in STOC 20

Conference Paper

The Energy Complexity of Broadcast

Yi-Jun Chang, Varsha Dani, Thomas P. Hayes, Qizheng He, Wenzheng Li, Seth Pettie

PODC 18 [arXiv Version]

An Optimal Distributed (Delta+1)-Coloring Algorithm?

Yi-Jun Chang, Wenzheng Li, Seth Pettie

STOC 18 [arXiv Version]

The Complexity of Distributed Edge Coloring with Small Palette Size

Yi-Jun Chang, Qizheng He, Wenzheng Li, Seth Pettie, Jara Uitto

SODA 18 [arXiv Version]

My email: wzli [at] stanford [dot] edu