Welcome to Wenting Tang's HomePage


Hi, my name is Wenting Tang (唐文婷), a graduate student at Department of Linguistics, University of Knasas.

I am a native speaker of Mandarin, a learner of English and Japanese.

Language, learning languages, and learning how we learn languages are three passions of my academic life.


Email: wentingtang@ku.edu

Department of Linguistics, University of Kansas


My main field is Second Language Acquisition. My major research interest includes sentence processing, particularly number agreement and subject-verb agreement by L2 learners of English. I am currently working on a project which looks into the count/mass distinction in English, and L2 learners' acquisition of such distinction.

Other than Second Language Acquisition, I am also interested in phonological variation in languages that I study (such as Japanese).


Examining transfer in L2 acquisition of count/mass distinction (2018)

The effects of era and perceptual distinctiveness in representing /f/ and /v/ in Japanese loanwords (2017)

The role of islands in dependency resolution: a comparison of filler-gap and cataphoric dependencies (2016)


I was a drill session teacher for Elementary Chinese 104.

I am now a teaching assistant for LING 110 Language and Mind.


Effects of Era and Perceptual Distinctiveness in Japanese Loanword Adaptation. Oral Presentation. JK 26, 2018.

Examining transfer in the acquisition of count/mass distinction in L2 English. Paper Presentation. GASLA 29, 2019 (upcoming).


Representing /f/ and /v/ in Japanese Loanwords. Graduate Research Competition, University of Kansas. 2017.