Wenting Tang  (唐文婷)              

Email: w814t178@ku.edu
Department of Linguistics, University of Kansas 







Hi, my name is Wenting Tang, a graduate student at Department of Linguistics, KU. I am a native speaker of Mandarin, a learner of English and Japanese. Language, learning languages, and learning how we learn languages are three passions for my life.

My main research interest includes sentence processing, particularly number agreement and subject-verb agreement by Chinese learners of English. I am also interested in language variation and change (especially in loanwords).

I was a drill session teacher for Elementary Chinese 104. I am now a teaching assistant for an introductory course, LING 110 Language and Mind. 


  The effect of time, vowel context and frequency in representing /f/ and /v/ in Japanese loanwords (2017)

  The role of islands in dependency resolution: a comparison of filler-gap and cataphoric dependencies (2016)