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How Can I Help?

The “We Need Your Light” project is looking to raise funds to donate to the prevention of human trafficking. We believe that through partnering with regular people (friends, family, neighbors, social networking avenues), we can unite as a powerful force to make a difference.

To help spark interest in this project, I got together with a group of my Willow Creek Community Church praise team members to write and produce a wonderful song called “We Need Your Light”. The song is being provided for free. We hope that it inspires and moves you to action. We do however ask that as you download and listen to the song, you strongly consider making a minimum $5 donation to the cause by clicking the Donate and Download Free Song menu item on the left. Of course you can donate much more if God moves you to do so. 

We also ask that you leverage your social network, including email, to share the link to this website and to ask you friends/family/co-workers to partner with you in support of this cause. In addition to donations, you can take this further by using your creative talents to raise funds through bake sales, mini-concerts, etc. It is all up to you. I encourage you to think creatively.

To learn more about human trafficking, please play the video below.

Warning! This video may be inappropriate for children under the age of 13.

YouTube Video