My Works

                                                          My Books: Kat Out of the Bag   and    Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash

Kat Out of the Bag - First book of the In Purse-Suit Mysteries Published by  The Wild Rose Press    

Available for Order Now!

From designer bags to body bags

Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash - prequel available for Pre-Order Now

A murder as cold as ice cream resurfaces in idyllic Bayside

Kat 2 - A Whole New Bag is a first draft
Kat 3 - is underway


Silly Peppers - Middle Grade Mystery series is underway

Pursonality - Extraordinary women, and the purses that hold keys to their personalities is a first draft

Enjoy The Wild Rose Press Holiday Cookbook from the Garden of Authors, and turn to page 89 for my Protagonist Katherine Watson's recipe - Kat's Out of the Bag Steak Out Sandwich 

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