What Are Home-Work Connections?

      As a teacher, I would like to invite parents to become partners in their child’s mathematical education, a very novel idea to most. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to provide opportunities for families to explore math together.

        It has been well documented that children develop a love (and understanding) of reading when parents read to them on a regular basis.This usually begins in the early years as the traditional bedtime story all parents love to initiate. It's a quiet time of connection to the text, and to your child, where both benefit, the child by beginning that adventure into the world of stories and literature, and the parents in the bond and connection they develop with their children. A love for mathematics develops in much the same way. Parents can help their children see the patterns and relationships in mathematics by playing card games, finding and discussing mathematics in numbers around the home, posing simple math challenges and talking about math in the world in which their children live.

I would like to introduce this math homework/information website for students and parents in order to foster that communication and education. I feel parent involvement in student learning is critical, and that within this ever growing age of technology, students as well as parents may be more inclined to access a homework website than through the traditional form of take home paper/pencil exercises. A math website can provide me, the teacher, opportunities to share information about the math program with parents. It can also be an ideal communication tool for a constantly changing environment like the classroom. The user friendly website will allow parents to access the page on their own, to ask and clarify questions re: their child’s learning, to ‘beef up’ on their own understanding of the math principals and expectations in class, and to help them understand and accept the idea of making math connect to their environment/everyday lives.

I believe one of the setbacks to effective learning in math is the inability of parents to help their children in understanding the concepts being explored in the classroom, thus causing the students to not discuss, or bring their math home. This may be due to poor mathematical education themselves, a fear of math from their own backgrounds in the classroom, there can be many underlying factors contributing to this fear. My main goal is to alleviate this fear, and make math fun again for all, by allowing children to bring their math home, to show parents through their children that math is all around us, and to invite parents to share in their child's 'fun' math experiences

Literature is everywhere in the world, and we strive to make our children critical literate thinkers, math is also everywhere in the world, and we must strive to make our children critical literate math thinkers as well. That in a nutshell is my goal for these wonderful grade four students. With your help, I know we will succeed!


Mrs Wright