Wendy Reed
Department of Biological Sciences
North Dakota State University
P.O. Box 6050, Dept 2715
Fargo, ND 58108

I am a Professor of Biological Sciences at North Dakota State University.  I teach a variety of courses, including Foundations of Science (Univ 150) a team-taught course for non-science majors and a course-based undergraduate research course: Antibiotic Discovery (BIO 270).  My research interests are in physiological ecology; I am particularly engaged in questions that focus on how environments experienced during development simultaneously both affect parent and offspring fitness.  I study these effects in birds and bird eggs and have worked with a variety of species (from penguins to pelicans, and gulls to juncos).  Currently I am serving as Head of the Department of Biological Sciences at NDSU, which provides a unique opportunity to solve complex problems and create new opportunities.