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Tappy Snaps -- elastic fasteners for your tap shoes.
These hold together with velcro, and you can clip a cute bow to the top of the elastic using the attached loop.  Tappy Snaps are made of black elastic, and even small children will be able put their tap shoes on by themselves!  No more untied laces!  Tappy Snaps will fit any tap shoes, and a set of Tappy Snaps are $6.

Tap bows -- (above, right) decorations to go with your Tappy Snaps!  Bows are securely attached to alligator clips and can be made in any color.  A set of bows is $7.

Dance hair bows -- (above, left) Why not add a matching hairbow?  Hairbows are securely attached to a spring clip and can be made in any color.  Generally I make my dance bows enormous (about 7" wide by 5" high).   So an enormous-sized bow is $7.  Small bows are $4, and large bows are $5.

Embellished leotard -- why have the same leotard as everyone else?  Make yours special with an initial embellishment, stars, hearts, or angel wings on the back.  An embellished leotard is $18.  If you choose to provide the leotard, price is based on embellishments.  Just contact me, and I'd be glad to provide a quote.

Here's an example of an initial on a leotard.  Finished size is about 1.5"

As always, I'm glad to do custom designs to suit your little dancer!  Please use the "Contact Me" page to send me a message or send e-mail directly to wendyleep [at!] gmail dot com.