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I'm happy to make a bow especially for your little girl! 

Bows come basically in two sizes:  small and large

A small bow is about 2 inches wide (more or less).  These will either clip onto a stretchy headband, or they can be clipped directly into your child's hair.  Small bows are on alligator clips, or I can put them on a small spring clip.  Small bows are $4.

A large bow is about 3-4 inches wide (more or less) and clips directly into the child's hair.  Toddler bows are on spring clips.   Large bows are $5.

Or course, I am happy to make any size bow on any clip you want. 

Here's a few of my basic bows, just to get you thinking about possibilities!


It's very convenient to buy a headband or two, and then you can change out the bows on it.  Then when your child has enough hair to put a bow directly in, you can use the same bows. 

Headbands are available in:  

white, cream, purple/white, bright rainbow, pink/silver, white/silver, red/white and black.