Wong Kee

"The only Chinese restaurant open till next morning."

Name: Wong Kee

Address: Van Arteveldestraat 3

City: 2060, Antwerp

Tel: 03 707 26 68

Mobile: 0486 11 82 31

Website: http://www.restorant.be/info.php?caseid=view&bedrijf=1318

Can one dine in Antwerp also at night still sociably? Yes ofcourse, Ms Ka Yee welcomes and receives you from 18.00 till 04.00 in its cosy little restaurant in the Van Arteveldestraat, near Queen Astridplein. You can fully enjoy its fine cantonese kitchen there. When dining there at night you will be surrounded by the sociably tumultuous company of the chefs cooks from the neighbouring restaurants. Want something else? Always welcome! Notice: the only Chinese restaurant open till 4 in Antwerp.