Croeso - welcome!

This is a first Welsh phrase book perfect for learning a little Welsh to use on your visit to Wales, or to practice what you are learning between Welsh lessons.

It has a number of themed sections on different topics:

  • greetings
  • common phrases
  • numbers
  • telling the time
  • days, weeks and months
  • food and drink
  • travelling
  • places
  • directions
  • illness
  • weather
  • occupations
  • family
  • animals
  • common verbs
  • adjectives
  • colours
  • countryside

All phrases are shown in English and Welsh with a recording of how the Welsh is said. You can choose in Settings to see a single phrase at a time, or the whole lesson.

There is a Practice mode where you see / hear the Welsh and translate it to English, or see the English and translate it to Welsh, or test yourself by seeing how many phrases out of 10 you can get right.

User comments:

"Thank you for this. It is really helping me learn my vocabulary!"

"Great little application, nice touch to have the voice samples."

"Excellent, especially at such a low price."

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