WFRA Race Policy

WFRA Race Acceptance Policy

The WFRA is a not for profit organisation which promotes ‘grass-roots’ fellracing in Wales. The Association provides race organisers with a structure with regulations and a safety code. It arranges and provides insurance for race organisers and members. Races are accepted on the following basis: -

· the race organiser is a current member of the WFRA and agrees to abide by the contents of this Race Organisers’ Handbook;

· they are ‘non-commercial’;

· they are not for profit for any individual or organisation;

· they are not organised for the primary purpose of raising money for charity, and

· they are not organised in order to promote any political party, faction or cause, or in support of any organised public demonstration.

It is noted that races require financial planning, and it is accepted that there will often be some degree of surplus funds remaining once expenses are defrayed. Charitable donations from this remaining balance are acceptable provided there was no prior intention to raise excessive funds which would infer that the race was organised for that purpose. Although the Association exists to serve race organisers in Wales, it will accept races organised and taking place in other locations within the United Kingdom. Where there is a question of whether a race is suitable for acceptance a sub-committee of the Association shall make the final determination.