Prospective Competitors: Before entering any WFRA race, please read our revised Safety Requirements which remind you that you, the competitor, are responsible for your own safety. Competitors' Handbook 2019

WFRA races are categorised in terms of their technical difficult with Category ‘A’ being the highest technical grade requiring previous fellrunning experience and a good level of fitness as the race is likely to cross high, exposed and possibly remote mountain terrain where ‘sound mountain judgement’ will be required.

Category A: - average not less than 50 metres of climb per kilometre

Category B: - average not less than 25 metres of climb per kilometre

Category C: - average not less than 20 metres of climb per kilometre

Also in terms of length:

L (long) Race is 20 kilometre or over

M (medium) Race is over 10 kilometres but less than 20

S (short) Race is 10 kilometres or less

ER = Fell running experience required – usually significant levels of experience.

NS = Navigational Skills required – these are traditional skills using map and compass. The use of electronic devices for navigation purposes is strongly discouraged as it is against the ethos of the sport. Such devices are prohibited by many race organisers

LK = Local Knowledge an advantage

PM = Partially Marked

Eg: Tour of Torpantau AM, ER/NS/LK - fell racing experience required, navigational skills needed and worth doing a recce beforehand.