Waun Fach Fell Event 2019

11.2km/610m (7miles/2000ft)
Sunday 28th July 2019

Event HQ: Car Park, The Dragons Back, Pengenffordd, nr Talgarth, LD3 0EP
Parking £2.00

Over 18
This is a free event... but you must pay £2 for car parking.

Paul Dodd
07977 912558

2011 Fell Race Video (Paul Dodd)

The Dragons Back

  MapRun app on smart phone based timing and navigation
This event will not be licensed under WFRA, but ARC instead - due to GPS use.
It will follow the 'original' fell race route from the track directly behind the Dragons Back Pub in Pengenfford.

It will be run using the 'maprun app' for mobile phone. This records your time from start to finish (and each of the 6 checkpoints) automatically. No other timing will be available nor will there be marshals on the hill. The tail runner will follow behind the last person on the mass start at 10:00am.

The race will start at 10:00am, but in fact you will be able to start anywhere within the two hour window of 9:00am and 11:00am. I will be available from 9:00am to help anyone having trouble with the app. It is anticipated that we will have a prize presentation somewhere - TBC.

The MapRun app for this route can also be used to navigate by as your position is marked on the map with a blue dot. However, you need not use this facility - you can just put your phone away (pocket, bumbag, rucksack lid) and it will continue to record your progress and time you between checkpoints and then stop the stopwatch when you get to the finish.

You can actually do the route at any time using the 'app'. You can do it by yourself or with friends. However on 28th July only those results appearing in the MapRun results table for that day and time will be used in drawing up a set of results for the event.

Parking is at the 'Dragons Back' pub in Pengenfford - please remember to pay £2 to park - funds are donated to mountain rescue. Other than car parking, the event is free. The event has no connection with the pub, but we do have permission to use their car park.

To begin, you need to download an app onto your phone (at home or anywhere were there is wifi or a good 4G mobile signal). Then download the map for the event too. When you get to the car park you start up the app and make your way to the start.

You do not need a mobile signal on the route if you have downloaded the map already at home. Getting your phone to acquire satellites on the route will be fine.

The app starts timing as soon as you pass over the start line and beeps to let you know you’ve started. On your phone there will be a fairly accurate map showing the features around you and the checkpoints you need to visit. The beauty of this app is that it also shows where you are on the map (represented by a blue dot on the screen), so If you do take a wrong turn at any point, you’ll be able to see your error and change course.

There are 6 checkpoints along the route. As you pass by each, the phone emits a beep and times how long it took you to get there. At the finish the app records your overall time and uploads your result to an overall table of results.

Why? Because you can. The technology exists. It is my hope that the use of this app for this event will do three things:

  1. Encourage 'navphobic' types to take part in a fell race - possibly many runners are put off fell races as they think they need to be ace navigators when using a map and compass
  2. Help 'navphobes' acquire the necessary skills - they will be using a map on the screen - it's not paper but it's still a map 
  3. Enable those fearful of gps/technology device use in a mountain environment to better understand the issues that cause them concern

The route is not 'technical', being mostly on pleasant paths, and in fact much of the old mountain pathway in and around Waun Fach itself, has now been paved or surfaced in gravel.

This route is in a mountain environment. The route is not suitable for those without the necessary fell running or mountain walking experience. You need to take with you appropriate equipment (clothing, footwear, navigational tools etc) and you need to have the right skills to cope with what could be very difficult conditions. Don't make the silly mistake of assuming that as it's hot and sunny in the car park that it will be equally pleasant on the top of Waun Fach!

If you are in any doubt about the above then make sure you go with someone who does have the right skills.

As well as using your phone to navigate by and to record your outing it is essential that you also have adequate backup plans for navigation and route finding - printed maps and a map and compass or a back-up GPS with enough power to last the route.

What to do:

Download the app from your fav place:



or search for Maprun, by FNE Enterprises

You’ll need to set up the app with your personal details then download the map at home (don’t try at the venue as there is no mobile signal). To get the map onto your phone click:

Event list – MR UK – MR Gloucestershire - Maptrail – Waun Fach West

Then after it’s downloaded just go the car park, open up the app (you may need to press ‘reload’ if you’ve been using your phone for other things). When ready for the off in the car park press 'start the GPS'. As you cross the start point on the track below the car park, your phone will bleep and you're on your way.

For a full explanation of the the Maprun app and what the Maptrail is all about visit the NGOC site here:


Many thanks to Pat Mcleod (NGOC) for setting this route up for me.