Night Sugar
(Sugar Loaf at Night)

BS. (5.5miles/1150ft)  8.8km/350m. PM

Thursday Nov 16th 2017. 7:30pm. £3.00
Venue: Llanwenarth (National Trust)
Car Park:  SO268167.
Headtorch essential.
Age Limit: Over 18
Organiser: Paul Dodd 07977 912558

2017 Full Results **
2017 Team Results **
2017 Age Cat Winners **

2017 Photos by Tosh

2017 Report

This race will be 'chip timed'. Live results will be screened from the back of a van for all finishers to see.

Please do not wear a jacket over your chip as it might not be detected by the finishing mats. This will be a 'gun to chip' race - meaning that the time will start ticking from the shout 'GO', not when you cross the mat.

  A new race for 2017 (not in the WFRA calendar - but will be next year). Starting in the upper car park - approach from the Vineyards.

Just like the Blorenge Night Roundabout this is a 'night fell race'. The terrain underfoot is mostly close cropped grass so it'll be fast. The route does not actually go to the summit trig point and so avoids any rocky sections. You will need a very good torch (preferably headtorch) to both see the markers and the ground beneath your feet.

The way will be marked with reflective arrows and ground markers. These do not give out their own light but do reflect back the light from your torch. You will not need to use a map if you stay on the marked route. There will be around 200 reflective markers placed. No navigation is required - just so long as you follow the markers. Warning - do not follow runners in front -they are most likely going the wrong way!

If the weather is clear you'll have fine views of the lights in Abergavenny below.

The route is very nearly a reversal of the Mynydd Pen Y Fal route (Ed Dickson). It starts from the car park and soon starts to ascend the Mynydd Llanwenarth ridge. We turn right (east) under the loaf and contour to the start of the Rholben Ridge. A sharp turn left (north) and now starts the main ascent - all runnable by most. We eventually pass the summit to the north and join the Mynyydd Pen Y Fal ridge. Then follows a fast grassy descent down the ridge. When we hit the track a sharp turn left leads to the small stream crossing of Cwm Gwenffrwd. Up the bank opposite along the tree line and then back to the car park. 

Please make sure your chip and number is not hidden under any clothes at the finish. Clothing inhibits the RFID signal transmission from mat to chip.

** 2017 Results - unfortunately due to course sabotage many in the first 25 went the wrong way and so the results are not really valid. We apologise for not taking steps to mitigate for 'grumpy old hillgoer' saboteurs. We didn't think there would be anyone on the hills after dark - there were certainly no cars in the car park.
If we put this event on next year we can easily arrange for marshals at key points and a lead runner to check the course 15 mins before hand.

Night Sugar Car Park