Four Fans Fell Race
AM 18km/1200m (11.2 miles/3940ft)
Saturday 8th August 2020
10:00 - 11:00 am.

Event HQ: Lay-by opposite Storey Arms on A470 between Merthyr & Brecon (GR 983203)

Over 18

Hugh Aggleton 1:48:42. 2013
Helen Brown 2:13:06. 2017

Organiser: Andrew Blackmore 01633 882558 07809 404181

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For Fans HQ Location

Helen Brown well on her way to claiming a course record at the Four Fans 2017


2020 MapRun.

In 2020 the event will take place as a MapRun. This is an app for smart phone that automatically times your run. It starts the clock as you pass over the start, times you at each checkpoint and stops the clock when you pass over the finish. Your time and a map of where you went will then be uploaded to the server and appear in the results when you have good mobile 3g/4g signal.

If you have used MapRun before make sure you have the new MapRunF version.

MapRun Information

The MapRun app for this route on the day can not be used to navigate. Once started, just place your mobile phone in bumbag/pocket and it will continue to record your progress and time you between checkpoints and then stop the stopwatch when you get to the finish. Please go into your phone settings and ensure that you have allowed the app to 'run in the background'... or it will go to sleep and not record your run.

Before you leave home you need to download the app onto your phone (at home or anywhere were there is wifi or a good 4G mobile signal). Then download the map for the event too. When you get to the car park you start up the app, press 'go to start' and make your way to the start.

You do not need a mobile signal on the route if you have downloaded the map already at home. Getting your phone to acquire satellites on the route will be fine as there are few trees/buildings to block the signal.

The app automatically starts timing as soon as you pass over the start line and beeps to let you know you’ve started. On your phone there will be a fairly accurate map showing the features around you and the checkpoints you need to visit - you don't need to use this - use a paper map and compass as usual.  

There are 4 checkpoints along the route. As you pass by each, the phone emits a beep and times how long it took you to get there. At the finish the app records your overall time and uploads your result to an overall table of results.

The MapRun app is being used as it's easier to put the event on with it and enables the event to go ahead under the current Covid situation. It means we do not need marshals on the hill to time intermediate points and check runners stick to the route. There is also no need for anyone to time the event, record runners coming in and produce a set of results. This is all done automatically by the app and times are uploaded to an overall set of results which everyone can view. After the run you can see a track of where you went. 

This route is in a mountain environment. The route is not suitable for those without the necessary fell running or mountain walking experience. You need to take with you appropriate equipment (clothing, footwear, navigational tools etc) and you need to have the right skills to cope with what could be very difficult conditions. Don't make the silly mistake of assuming that as it's hot and sunny in the car park that it will be equally pleasant on the fans. 

If you are in any doubt about the above then make sure you go with someone (appropriately distanced of course) who does have the right skills.

It is essential that you have adequate plans for navigation and route finding - printed maps and a map and compass.The app can not be used for navigation around the route.

Find a downloadable map of the route to print off here: Four Fans Map (.pdf)

How to get the app and map ready on your phone for the day:

Download the app from your fav place:



or search for MaprunF, by FNE Enterprises

Please make sure you have the most up to date version of the MapRunF app installed on your phone.

You’ll need to set up the app with your personal details then download the map at home (don’t try at the venue as there is no mobile signal). To get the race map onto your phone, first start up the app then click:

Select Event - UK - Wales - South Wales Trails - Four Fans PXAS

The map will take a few moments to download. You can view the map by clicking 'go to start'.

At the venue just go the app on your phone. When ready for the off in the car park press 'go to start'. Keep away from the start line until you are ready to start racing. Walk/run towards the start line when you're ready for the off. As you cross the start point on the track below the car park, your phone will bleep and you're on your way. All timing starts from the beep

(Further to this, it is possible now to download MapRunG for use with a Garmin watch of FR235 and above. The app runs on the watch so you don't need to carry a phone, and when you get back uploads to your phone and then to the MapRun server to show your results. If you've never used MapRun before I suggest you just go with the phone app first to get familiar with it all and experiment with the watch app at a later date).

Phone issues:
There are many different makes and models of phone. It's not possible go through all of the issues you might encounter with your particular one. However, here are a few general pointers:

  • Make sure your phone is fully charged before you set off
  • Make sure your phone will allow this app to 'run in the background'. This means that when your screen goes off (because you've turned it off or it goes to sleep) the app is still tracking your progress. In settings, go to apps and choose MapRun to see the settings
  • Make sure you have the 'media' volume turned up to max so you can hear the beep.
  • If when you get to a checkpoint your phone does not beep, it may be that your phone has gone to sleep. Just turn the screen on and wait a few seconds and your phone may then register the checkpoint.
  • If your phone does not beep when you get to a checkpoint it might be that your phone's gps is not accurate enough for some reason. If you walk around a bit and back and forth it may then register the checkpoint. Older phones can have this problem sometimes. You can go into settings to check that you have the highest possible gps accuracy - this is often under battery settings as a higher gps accuracy is more demanding of battery power.
  • If your run does not upload to the overall set of results after, it may be because there is no phone signal. Don't worry it should automatically upload when you are in a wifi zone or a place with a good 3g/4g signal lter. If it doesn't then you can try a manual upload. If you still have problems the RO can add you to the results if you send him a gpx file of your route.

General Race Information:

Navigational Skills (NS) is required as a condition of entry.  NS means map and compass.  You may be asked to confirm you have appropriate traditional navigational skills or experience, noting that the use of GPS for navigational purposes is not allowed, (except in an emergency) – any competitor using such a device will be disqualified.

Fell running experience (ER) is also a condition of entry.  This race is not suitable for those who are inexperienced or unfit.  At race registration, prospective competitors will need to demonstrate sufficient fell running experience – this may be done by naming 3 category ‘A’  races successfully completed within the last 2 years or similar events which demonstrate a competitor’s ability to complete the course safely and in a reasonable time.

Please also note that there is a cut off time of 45 minutes at CP1 (Fan Frynych).  Competitors will be compulsorily retired from the race if they do not make this time.

If you have any doubt over your experience, please give me a call beforehand – this will avoid any possibility that you will be refused entry on the day.

Stats: 18km/ 1200m – 11 miles/ 3900ft

This is a Category ‘A’ Medium distance race.

The Course
The map indicates a possible route that competitors may wish to follow, but please note that this may not be the optimum route and that, for fine navigation purposes,  competitors should carry their own full OS map of the area.  The race includes 4 checkpoints which must be visited in the correct order, namely:

  • CP1 - Fan Frynych trig point (GR SN 958228)
  • CP2 - Fan Nedd trig point,  (GR SN 913184)
  • CP3 - Fan Llia (true) summit - (GR SN 938186)
  • CP4 - Fan Fawr cairn, (not trig), GR SN969193.  

Fences & Walls: If you jump a fence of wall, you will be disqualified from this and all future races

Hazards: Competitors should expect to face a range of hazards usually expected of a fell race, across remote and rough hilly terrain. These hazards may be exacerbated by the weather likely to be encountered. So please bring appropriate kit and ensure you have the necessary skills and experience to deal with the conditions likely to be encountered. Specific hazards to note, include:

  • Road Crossings: You will need to cross (and re-cross) the Heol Senni mountain road.  These road crossings are not marshalled and competitors should take every care when crossing and must give way to vehicles which have the right of way. It is the competitor's responsibility to take appropriate care
  • River Crossings: There are two river crossings (Afon Llia and the confluence of the Nant y Gwair and Nant y Gaseg). It is the competitor's responsibility to judge whether it is safe to cross these rivers and to select an appropriately safe place to cross in light of the prevailing weather conditions and water levels. If in doubt, competitors should consider heading up stream where the water flow/ levels tend to be lower and/ or take an alternative route.

Dogs: This is sheep country - no dogs.

Emergency Procedure
In the event of a medical or other emergency (where you are immobilised), summon help by using your whistle to give the emergency signal – six blasts repeated every minute. Ignore any three blast replies – keep blowing the whistle until help arrives. If you are mobile, make yourself highly visible and move safely to the nearest checkpoint, road, or main footpath to seek assistance. 

If you have a phone, call the Race Organiser (07809 404181) or send a text (remember a text may get through when a call won’t), stating your position as accurately as possible, and race number.  If you do have to summon a Mountain Rescue Team yourself:

  • Dial 112 (preferably) or 999 if that doesn’t work
  • Ask for Police, then ask the Police for Mountain Rescue
  • Tell them where you are, preferably with a full grid reference including the letters – the operator may be miles away!
  • Tell them the problem (injuries, hypothermia etc)
  • Keep your phone switched on and stay by it.