Cwmdu Maprun
M. Score event.

Sunday May 3rd 2pm 

Entry Fee: £5.00.
Venue: Cwmdu Campsite,

Cwmdu, Crickhowell NP8 1RU

Registration: Opens from 12:00 noon.
Pre-entry at Fabian 4:

Records: First year

Paul Dodd.
07977 912558


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Maprun. What is it?
Maprun is a free 'app' you download to your phone. It automatically records which checkpoints you visit, when you start and when you finish. After, your score and route is uploaded automatically to the overall results table. 
When you find a checkpoint, your phone emits a loud bleep, the point on the map changes from pink to green and your time to get there is recorded automatically.
Don't panic all you technophobes! It's very intuitive to use and once started you just stow your phone in a pocket or bumbag.

Score event. What does this mean?
There is no prescribed route. You visit checkpoints in any order.
Each checkpoint has a different points value. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to get as many points as you can in the time. The advantages of a score event are:

  • Each participant can choose where they go and how far they want to go
  • The format is ideal for learning and practicing navigation in a safe setting where if you get lost, relocating yourself on the map is easy
  • If you can't find or get to a checkpoint for some reason - no worries - just move onto finding another

This event will suit all. Those with little navigational experience can use the event to learn the basics. All The checkpoints are at easy to find locations - corner of field, where paths meet, stream junction, road t-junction etc. You will not need to go off-piste but stick to paths, roads and tracks.
Likewise expert navigators can use their skills to plan the optimum route and move from one to the other on the best line.

You can do this event on your own, with a partner or in a small group.

You will not be able to navigate around the route with the Maprun GPS facility - it will be turned off for the event. Printed maps will be available or you can use the map downloaded to your phone (or you can use both).

How do I get the 'app' and how do I learn how to use it?
You'll be able to download the app and the map you need at the campsite using the free wifi there. Or you can download both at home before you come.
Below is a link to full instructions, however....
the app is very easy to use. Just press 'start' and it does it all for you. It starts automatically as you cross the start line, it recognises when you get to each checkpoint, records that you've been there and at the finish stops and uploads your time and score automatically to the overall results table.
Full instructions can be given on the day - there will be plenty of time to go through using it before you start.

You can get from one checkpoint to the other on public rights of way - roads, bridleways, footpaths, tracks. If you stick to these the ground underfoot is not technical. There will be approx 20 checkpoints. The vast majority will be easy to locate, being on easily identified features - corner of field, path junction, building etc. However, a few checkpoints will be on the 'open fell' where the ability to navigate using contours will be useful.  If the visibility is poor, finding your way to the open fell checkpoints may require you to use a compass
(you can of course choose not to visit these checkpoints).

Timing of event
You can start at any time from 2pm till 3pm.You just walk over the start line and the timer on your phone starts. You have 2 hours to find as many checkpoints as you can. You do not have to be out for the whole 2 hours - you may wish get back sooner. However, for very one minute (or part thereof) beyond the 120 mins you will lose 10 points.