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Harriers @ Tenerife 2019

 Harriers @ Tenerife 2019    
Who is going:

Paul Dodd
Niki Morgan
Andy Creber
Sharron Burridge
Emma Scrivens
Jane Rymer
Helen Clancy
Stuart Duncan
Becky Way
Amanda Ramshaw
Steph Charnauld
Jan Morris
Rachel Palser
Jacqui Web
Andy Green
Bridget Davies
Emily Davies 
Sophie Boyce
Lisa Riddington
Tom Riddington
Sue Ashton
Gerry Ashton
Ross Howells
Graham Taylor


EZY6095. Thurs. 7th Nov. 13:35. 17:50 Arrives. Bag Drop opens 11:35, Closes 12:55

EZY6096. Tues. 12th Nov. 18:40. 22:55 Arrives. Bag Drop opens 16:40, Closes 18:00


There is no way we will find accommodation that everyone will be happy with. We are united in running but are a diverse group with different ideas on what a good time away should involve. Some will want a pool and bar and full board, others will want cheap and cheerful, others prefer to be able cook their own food and be more independent. I think most though would want to be near the rest of the group to give us the ability to meet up. So… within walking distance rather than having to drive.

It will take too much time for one person to try and co-ordinate everyone's wishes and make any one booking so I reckon we all need to book our own places - either individually or pal up with others to form groups willing to share. 

I propose we stay in one of two places - both situated in main Santa Cruz and relatively close together to facilitate mingling

  • One is a hotel that seems to have space for all (when I looked), with options of sharing or being in a single room and will provide full board if necessary. It says it has a pool (not sure if open in Nov), bar, restaurant etc. Hotel Colon Rambla:   Sharron, Rachel, Jane, Amanda, Jan, Andy, Jacqui, Bridget, Helen, Sophie, Emily, Tom, Lisa, Emma, Steph, Stuart, Becky (17)
  • The other is a self-catering place about 10 mins walk away from the hotel. This suits singles or groups of people and has some kitchen facilities. There is no pool or bar. Apartmentos Bruja: Paul, Gerry, Sue, Andy, Niki, Ross, Graham, (7)

Santa Cruz, being a city, has many places to eat out and buy food. Possibly, the self-catering peoples can go to the hotel to eat out once/twice/all.
In any case, it would good for us to all meet as a whole group at least once for a meal together – this being on the Sunday Night after the race. We can explore options and book on the Saturday.

There is a pleasant large outdoor pool right on the coast with bar/cafe/sun loungers etc: Parque Maratimo Cesar Manrique - Map/Info

Car Hire:
If you plan staying in and around Santa Cruz for the 5 days you may not want to hire a car and just get a transfer from the airport to the hotel. You need to look into this yourself. Since everyone is doing differnt things I think it best that everyone bands together in interest groups to decide on transport needed.
Bridget's daughter can organise discount at Sixt car rentals for us. Here are the details:


Possible Itinerary:

Everyone is clearly free to do what ever they want (with such a big group we will no doubt split into groups with a particular mission in mind) but here is one idea:

Thursday - travel and arrive. Walk or jog in evening.
Friday - Acclimatization walk or jog at altitude. 2300m - 2700m up at main Caldera. Suitable for all and gives fine views of Teide in volcanic wonderland.
Saturday - Rest day - swim - gentle stroll - walk at Guimar - etc
Sunday - am: Race    pm: recovery stroll/swim
Monday - Ascent of El Teide (or walk from Alora/Taganana)
Tuesday - am: walk from Alora/Vilaflor (not far from airport) - nice cacti, fairly level
    Race. Tenerife International Marathon/Half Marathon/8K
Date: Saturday 9th Nov 2019.
Half marathon and marathon start time: 8:30am
8K starts: 11:30am

Website link:

Those entered:

Doing Teide on Monday:

Paul Dodd
Niki Morgan
Andy Creber

  Walk El Teide. Monday 11th Nov.

General: This is a fairly strenuous walk. The summit is at 3718m. This is high enough for people to experience altitude sickness, especially after a long tiring walk.
You can start from two different places. One is at 2300m and the other at 2100. Either way, the ascent is greater than walking up Ben Nevis. It will take roughly 4 hours up and 3 hours down at a fairly brisk pace.
The start at 2100m is longer but is more interesting as you can visit Pico Viejo on the way - this is another crater to the side of the main volcano.  This route is also much less busy and car parking is easier.

Summit: The top 200m of the summit is fenced off and guarded. We can access the top by booking a special pass for a limited timed period on a particular day. Or.... if you are willing to walk in the dark you can access the summit before 8:30am or after 6pm.

Terrain: All of the walk is on pumice rock of varying types. Shoes/trainers are fine but would recommend your strongest pair with a decent mid-sole. It's very dusty in parts and occasionally you need to walk on and amongst boulders. Trekking poles if you have them help with balance but are not essential.

Clothing: Like all mountains the weather varies hugely and may vary a lot during the walk so you must be prepared. The top is often below freezing and can be snow covered. Shorts may be fine at the start but as you get towards the top you may want full leg cover and windproof leg cover. Hat and gloves essential as is waterproof and warm layers. If it's windy it can be very cold. Having said that.... it can also be warm at the top.

Rucksack essential.
Food/water - everyone needs to be self sufficient for food and water. Suggest a litre of water/drink minimum. Lunch and 2x snack stop items minimum. There is no cafe at the top or on any of the route.

There may be snow. If significant snow falls the approach roads will be closed so we'll need to walk at lower altitude (Taganana?)

If you want to join the group walking to the summit you need to let me have your name, age and passport number soonest as I want to book the passes required on Tues 18th June. After this date you will have to book the pass yourself. I'm only going to book passes for those in the walking group as you'll all need to be with me to get through the guard point.

Cable Car Option
There is a cable car that can take you to within 200m of the top. The walk to the summit from the top of the cable car is about 30mins. You will need to book this yourself.... and you will need to book a pass to get to the summit also. You'll need to do all this before we go.

Other Walk Option Monday

The main Caldera below El Teide is an interesting spot. You can get there by car easily, park and do all manner of short walks. It can be a pretty busy touristy spot in places but walk for a short distance from the car park and you'll see few people. Happy to give advice and show on map all kinds of interesting strolls for a recovery walk the day after the race. Don't worry about getting lost and straying off route as paths are easy to follow and it's all well marked compared to UK paths.