General Fell Race Information

The philosophy of fell running is that you the competitor are responsible for your own safety and that you enter a race with this understanding and that you equip and conduct yourself accordingly.

It is therefore essential that you must have appropriate experience in the conditions that may be encountered so that you can manage your own safety.


Fell Races are all categorised in terms of length and difficulty:
Length - S (short), M (medium), L (long).
Difficulty A, B, C.
These are combined to denote the severity of the race. Eg: Pen Tir Drop BS (moderate difficulty and short)

Other abbreviations are:
LK - local knowledge - meaning it's worth going on a recce beforehand
PM - partially marked - expect some course markings to help you navigate
ER - experience required
NS - navigational skills needed

Eg: Tour of Torpantau AM, ER/NS/LK - fell racing experience required, navigational skills needed and worth doing a recce beforehand.

WFRA Documents

Here are a couple of useful documents published by the WFRA:

A useful summary for competitors in fell races detailing what your responsibilities as a participant are

A detailed document useful for competitors and organisers of fell races